Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Chris and I spent a great weekend in Portland, Oregon following my marathon. The occaision was my best childhood friend, Leah's brother's wedding. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed seeing friends and celebrating. We stayed at the funky Jupiter Hotel which had chalkboards as doors which we enjoyed writing on. My favorite place was the Japanese Gardens where Chris and I and all the other spectators fought with amateur photogaphers to get the elusive photo of the bridge and trees with noone gawking on it. We amazingly lucked out. I love this photo!!

The wedding was fun. This is my best childhood friend and her fiance Val (or Prince Valiant as we call him in Minnesota!) I hadn't seen my friend in 15 months, so we had a blast together. I can't wait for her wedding next July! Here's one of us together.

We stayed at the Jupiter hotel where our door was a giant chalkboard, so we were able to write fun quotes on the door each day. We also had a huge green fuzzy pillow on our bed that looked like a giant fluffy pickle.

We also lucked out in that our hotel was right next to the best restaurant in Portland, the Douglas Fir. They have some of the best food ever. Now, I'm not a french toast conisseaur, but my sister is. And, I almost never order french toast, but this was by far the best french toast I have ever had. Chris and I had a moment for my sister when this french toast arrived, because we realized if we had been on a french toast quest the grail had arrived. And, this french toast was made out of croissants. Nuf said. It rocked. And, I ate all of it.

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